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Ground forces


The German ground forces were obviously still far away from the borders of Zeeland at the 10th. The deployment of the Dutch defences in the defence-lines in the east of the province was taken at hand, and also the artillery was directed to its designated locations. Units were shifted and relocated in anticipation of the arrival of the French.

Anticipating the enemy

Notwithstanding the fact that the enemy was still far away, the ground forces witnessed plenty of action overhead and sometimes they were even targeted themselves by roaming German fighters. At several occasions Dutch soldiers had to dive into cover from strafing enemy airplanes. The hardly present AAA was missed on many occasions and this jeopardized the moral. The arrival of the first French mechanised troops boosted moral again, although it wouldn't last long.

The soldiers that were stationed in and around Flushing had plenty of activity around them. The constant Luftwaffe presence and the first bombs that fell on the harbour-quarter caused them to be constantly occupied with clearing up streets, shuffling debris aside and assisting authorities where ever and whenever possible.

Also the medical corps was very active. Huge emergency hospitals for civil and military casualties and wounded became operational. These measures of precaution would later proof to be very adequate and efficient.