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Field of Honour


This chapter is dedicated to the casualties of the German, French and British sides that fell in The Netherlands during the Westfeldzug in May 1940.

On the several websites of the Greb Foundation and Kennispunt Mei 1940 Foundation ( one can find the total listing of Dutch, German, British and French KIA in the Netherlands during the May 1940 battle of the Netherlands. The Dutch losses in Zeeland in particular are listed on this URL though.

The digital fields-of-honour on our websites of the German, British and French casualties are presented in the Dutch and English language, and as far as it contains German war-graves, in German too.

German KIA

The total listing of the German casualties in May 1940 in the Netherlands can be found on our site about the Grebbeberg battle. The list is set in Dutch only.

On the website about the battle at the Dutch Southern Front one can find a field of honour for Dutch, German and Allied KIA in May 1940. The German Southfront and Grebbeberg casualties are presented in Dutch, English and German language. The same applies for German casualties that fell along the Maasline (on Dutch soil) on 10 and 11 May 1940, which can be found on the dedicated field of honour on the website on the Maasline.

The German war-cemetery in the Netherlands is decribed (in Dutch and English) in this chapter.

Allied KIA

On the aforementioned Foundation website about the Battle at the Southfront one can also find the Allied field-of honour presented in the Dutch and English language.

For the French KIA the below KIA summaries are available too: