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The Dutch war-history foundation 'Kennispunt mei 1940' presents a website that is dedicated to the events that took place during the brief war in the Netherlands in May 1940. German forces invaded the neutral country at 0355 hrs Dutch time at May the 10th. It was part of the German offensive [Case Yellow] against the neutral countries Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg as well as the already existing belligerent France.

The name of this website 'War over Holland' refers to the unique feature of the German operation in the Netherlands, where for the first time in history a large airborne and airlanding force was flown in by a vast transport fleet of the Luftwaffe in order to be dropped in the heart of the Dutch defences: the Fortress Holland. The operation unleashed by these forces 'from the sky' facilitated the Germans with a quick defeat of the small neighbour in the northwest.

The website contains an elaboration on the events of those days in May 1940. It provides a chronological overview of the events within the country and also beyond the Dutch borders, where the battle for Belgium and the north of France was raging simultaneously. General information on the belligerents is provided as well as typicals for the Dutch theatre and army. Furthermore we added a section about the events in the southwestern Dutch province Zeeland. A battle that incorporated a large French involvement.

The menu structure provides for easy navigation and a clear overview of the presented information. Pages are presented with easy-print formats and font enlarging tools. Updates and news flashes are shown in separate menu's which are hard-linked on the 'home' page. The previously mastered forum has been removed end of 2011. There is however opportunity to submit questions directly to the author of the website. Therefore visitors may sent their feedback or question directly by e-mail to the author.

The website has been overhauled in 2009/2010, in a process where all style-sheets and site maps of the 'Stichting Kennispunt Mei 1940' mastered websites were re-styled. The result is a more user-friendly website with improved content. Since research regarding the war in May 1940 continues by the members of the foundation and others, the content shall be contineously updated based on the latest scholarly research and findings.       

Disclaimer: All content, texture, pictures, sketches, maps, photographs, illustrations, etc.etc. that are displayed on this website are protected by propriety rights. All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written permission of the owners of this site.