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Ysselline defences

The Ysselline ran along the river Yssel, a medium wide flow that ran from the Rhine at Westervoort to the Yssellake (Zuiderzee in those days) near Kampen. It was defended by seven battalions and counted as a forward defence line that had to hold for at least 24 hours. In the end it did not meet this requirement, but it sufficiently slowed the German invasion force by blowing up all bridges crossing the river. Only at Westervoort motorised SS men were quick to expoit the 0930 hrs crossing successes and able of reaching Arnhem at around 1000 hrs already. Since the main force was seriously hampered by the blown up bridges at Westervoort, the forward SS units still had to await their arrival. As a consequence the next hub - Wageningen - was only reached in the early afternoon by the SS point formation.

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