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Moerdijk river casemate

This casemate was the one forming the last stand in the morning of the 10th, when the German Fallschirmjäger of the 5th and 6th Company of FJR.1 had succeeded in seizing the Willemsdorp defences. The only remaining Dutch strongpoint north and south of the bridges, was this casemate. It was occupied by Police Troops that manned the 4,7 cm AT gun and a MG crew. Joining them was a sergeant-major, commander of the local Police Troop platoon of 25 men, who kept on pushing his men to repel the German assaults on the casemate. Only when the stell entrance was forced by means of a hollow charge, the SM decided that the odds had shifted too much into German favour and surrendered the construction. They had managed to withstand the German storm no less than six hours.

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