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Enlarged picture

Derailed armoured train at Mill - may 1940

Unique picture of the derailed German armoured train at Mill, Peel-Raamline.

In the early morning of the 10th of May the Germans took the important train-bridge at Gennep - close to the border - partially dressed in Dutch MP uniforms. This successful seizure of the train bridge facilitated the armoured train a passage of the Gennep bridge only minutes after the invasion had started. The fifteen clicks more western positioned defenders of the Peel-Raamline were taken by total surprise when suddenly the German train came by and simply passed the Dutch forward defences. The Dutch had not closed the rail asperges-barricade yet and therefore the Germans were able to unload an entire battalion of infantry in the rear of the Peel-Raamline at Mill. When the train afterwards returned to the east, it was derailed due to quick Dutch counter measures.

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