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Enlarged picture

Willemstad harbour - may 1940

A picture that tickles curiosity, for a group of civilians are walking towards a number of German cars waving a white flag. An indication that the series of pictures from Willemstad [displayed in the gallery] was indeed taken on the 14th itself, when Willemstad fell into German hands. It is remarkable that a large part of the fishing fleet appeared to be moored in the harbour. It makes one wonder why the Dutch occupation didn't attempt to evacuate to the northside of the Hollands Diep, which was still in Dutch hands. Only a small detachment managed to shuttle over.

Picture was most likely taken at the 14th when a recon squad of 9.PD - Spähzug Kohut of the Gruppe Wüttlitz - forced the occupation of Willemstad into surrender.

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