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Enlarged picture

Willemstad - may 1940

A German car and motorbike are parked right in front of the previous Dutch headquarters [restaurant 'Bellevue' to the right] in Willemstad. On the left hand a pile of collected Dutch military gear. To the left was the town square and the entrance to the main military barracks, as well as to the ancient city walls. The latter would in later years be used to house a number of German bunkers. To the far right another section of the ancient walls. Behind the backside - that one sees here - a battery of 24 cm heavy guns used to be placed. They had been removed years before the war.

The picture was most likely taken at the 14th when a recon squad of 9.PD - Spähgzug Kohut of the Gruppe Wüttlitz - forced the occupation of Willemstad into surrender.

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