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Enlarged picture

Barendrecht bridge - may 1940

Very impressive picture of the Barendrecht bridge, of which today some parts [the little towers] still survived. Besides incidental fire duels between the Dutch on one side and the Germans on the other (north) shore, the bridge saw two Dutch attempts to cross it on 10 and 11 May and one German attempt - with armour - on the 13th.

The German tank assault [two Pz.II and one Pz.III under cover of another two Pz.II] over the bridge at the 13th was denied by Dutch AT guns [destroying all three forward tanks], but nevertheless the successful defenders pulled back after the attackers had retreated. At that stage it didn't matter too much anymore, but it was a sad end to a bold defense. At the right side of the photo one can clearly identify some of the trenches.

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