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The southern extremity of the Peel-Raamline at Weert - may 1940

Here the Germans pushed through only after the Dutch had left the trenches for redeployment elsewhere. The map also shows the vulnerability of the entire line. South of Weert - at the border - the line simply ceased to exist. It hoovered idle - so to speak. The Belgian forces had refused to defend the area below the line, which would be the reason for the Dutch general staff to evacuate the major forces from the south immediately after a German invasion. Although the French [on top level] knew about this, the French 7th Army would later be furious about the Dutch strategy in the south. They didn't realise that it were the Belgians who were to blame for this action, for defence of the small piece of land between the Dutch border and the standing Belgian forces along their existing defence-line would have cost just a small number of troops.

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