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Gunboat HMS Friso - may 1940

The old gunboat HMS Friso [540 tonnes, 4 x 105 mm automatic Krupp gun, 2 x 12,7 AA MG, crew 63] of the Brinio class was part of the small Zuiderzee [Yssellake] Flotilla that had to prevent German maritime action at this vast inner-lake. The ship patrolled the east-coast of the lake. When it had established the German presence in the small harbour town Stavoren, it started shelling the German positions with three of her 105 mm guns. The barrage sunk one bigger ship [that was being prepared by the Germans for shuttling services] and destroyed a German 105 mm gun position, killing four of the German gunners. Hours later it was sunk after Luftwaffe Ju-88 attacks near the Afsluitdijk. One 250 kg bomb hit the ship straight in the heart. Three men perished, which was a relatively low body count after such a direct hit. During the war the wreckage was recovered by the Germans and scrapped.

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