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Gunboat HrMs Brinio - may 1940

The old gunboat HrMs Brinio - sister ship of the HrMs Friso -[540 tonnes, 4 x 105 mm automatic Krupp gun, 2 x 12,7 AA MG, 1x 40 mm Bofors AA, crew 65]. This ship was part of the Zuiderzee [Yssellake] Flotilla. The crew of the HrMs Brinio witnessed the loss of her sister-ship HrMs Friso at the Zuiderzee from about three sea-miles distance. The HrMs Brinio was also herself attacked by the Luftwaffe planes. Although she was not directly hit, a number of near misses damaged her hull. She was quickly repaired at the port of Enkhuizen and returned to her post. When the capitulation was announced over the radio, her crew quickly scuttled the ship. In 1942 the ship was recovered by the Kriegsmarine. It is unknown whether it was repaired and recommissioned or that it was scrapped.

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