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Valkenburg airbase - may 1940

Valkenburg airbase [source: Militair Stafwerk, Nierstrasz].

The machinegun positions [in pairs] clearly show the silliness of the tactical defence planning. It is basic military knowledge that ambushes or fire-windows should overlap but not oppose each other. The risk of hitting own troops [in the dislocation chosen at Valkenburg] is imperative.

The small red dotted ellipse shows the area to which some bomb series were aimed. That was the location where the troops were stationed that were in rest. The bigger dotted ellipse indicates the main landing zone of the German airbornes, with in the (right) below corner the indication of the landing spot of another platoon of airbornes. Below that point ran the main-road between Amsterdam and the Hague, one of the primary targets of the airbornes. By cutting off that main road at the Haagse Schouw (Leiden) bridge, the airbornes could prevent reinforcements from the north and east from linking up with the Hague defences.

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