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SdKfz-231/232 - may 1940

The main German armoured car was the eight wheels SdKfz-231/232. This 8-wheel car was fitted with a main gun of 20 mm type KwK 38 [with coaxial 7,9 mm MG], and had a frontal armour of 8-14,5 mm. The turret was reinforced up to armour thickness of 30 mm. The 231 was the main armoured car of the German army in 1940, and especially in use with the motorized reconnaissance squads. The first version of this vehicle was a 6-wheel chassis car, but later it was fitted with an 8-wheel chassis. The 232 version was fitted with a large frame-antenna over the hull, which made it a very distinctive vehicle. Although quite fast [up to 70 km/hr] the light armoured caused many armoured cars to fall victim to anti-tank guns during the May War.

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