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Photographs and pictures

War Over Holland has been illustrated with maps, sketches, pictures and photographs in order to project the best possible feeling going along with the journals of the day-to-day events in Holland, May 1940. In order to create easy reference and overview to our visitors we have assembled all these images in one general folder, which has been subdivided into several sub-folders.

Under "armament and equipment" one can find all material related pictures, including armament, ships, airplanes and other weaponary. Category "key figures" shows the figures that played key roles in those days, with usually a brief addition on their achievements. "Fortifications and defence-lines" contains pictures of the Dutch defences. The folder "maps" produces all maps and sketches used to produce details of the subject battle-zones. The section "war scenes" represents the actual scenes of war and post-battle statusses of trenches, bunkers and bridges. In the last section "war graves" one can find pictures of the graves and monuments related to the war in May 1940.

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