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In this section we shall keep the visitor regularly informed about specific site- or topic-related news.

Recent additions

The addition of more pictures to the side has been delayed due to the old time shortage problem. The revision of the other websites of the foundation has taken considerably more time than expected.

[6 January 2012] The forum option has been removed. The international forum section was deleted from the interactive forum. Questions or feedback can be directed to the author directly.

[8 October 2012] We have moved the site to another server. The traffic has increased so much over the last few years that we decided to move WOH and thus facilitate better loading speed and interruption free service. Hopefully we have not forgotten any links ...

[3 november 2011] The forum section has been closed. War Over Holland no longer uses a forum, although direct mail contact with the author is obviously available all the time (and all the often used). In stead we have added a book section, containing the relevant (English) books on the May-1940 war in the Netherlands. The recent publication by Karl-Heinz Golla of a first class book on the German airborne operations in Scandinavia, Netherlands and Crete was a reason to add another book review too.

[12 January 2013] Recent outcome of research by historians showed that the Zeeland chapter requires some modification on the battle for the Sloedam and the causes of the devastation in the city of Middelburg. It appears that French rather than German artillery caused the massive fires in the old town ...

[11 Augustus 2014] Our websites, including War Over Holland, were offline for no less than two days due to a problem that our US provider experienced with its server station in London. They technical problem they had has been resolved and our visitors are no longer mis-led that overdue payments or exceeded volumes caused a black-screen. We apologize if our visitors suffered from the inconvenience of this extended offline status, but as you can see, we are back in business!

[21 June 2015] There are some updates and improvements going on. Additions here and there too. We try to improve our accounts and add some more maps at some chapters to support the content.

[19 July 2015] We continu our improvements and some additions to the existing content. Obviously we have started on the 10th of May 1940 with these improvements.

Furthermore we have experienced that our server provider Site5 occasionally suffers from server issues, causing our websites to be out of reach during shorter or sometimes lapses of hours. We apologize for that and promise our visitors that if this continues to be the case we shall move our websites to another provider. We trust however that it is a minor and moreover temporary issue. After all, everything can fail from time to time.

[27 July 2015] We continue to improve our content, but may we also point you to our Facebook page, on which we post mostly bi-lingual (Dutch/English) posters and information. If one selects our homepage URL, one automatically gets linked to our Facebook page.

[28 November 2015] We added a component to an existing part of the introduction about the armed forces in the colonies in 1940/1941. We have done this since we often receive questions about that aspect.

[6 February 2016] We have added a page on the release of the DVD 'The Attack', a full narrative with excellent footage on the German siege of Rotterdam, a five days battle between German airlanding troops and the Luftwaffe on one hand and thousands of Dutch defenders of all branches. The siege ended in the massive raid of the Luftwaffe that took out the heart of the city. A well received exhibition was held on this event - 75 years ago in 2015 - and now a double-DVD has become available with a comprehensive documentary and an add-on DVD with eight short narratives on the events, amongst which one by yours truly. The DVD's are subtitled in English. We kindly refer to the page on this website for more information of how to become a copy.

[18 February 2021] In the section Zeeland the content showed the incorrect reference to Général de Brigade Pierre Servais Durand (commander of the French maritime QFR); this should have said Général de Brigade André Joseph Adriën Durand. It has been corrected.

Pictures and maps

We are still struggling a bit with the maps and larger pictures. We are looking for a useful format in which style, presentation and legibility are combined. We demand some more of your patience ...

Pictures and maps are gradually being added to the content, starting with the introduction pages (including the weapon section).

[2 November 2009] We have finally remanaged our gigantic photo database (including the galleries of our Dutch sites). Many of the comments have been improved. New pictures shall be uploaded soonest.

[16 december 2009] The subscript of some of the War-scene pictures has been modified / improved.